Top Three Best Card Games 2017

A quick look at card games

Are you planning for an adult evening party or family night meeting? If yes, then it is essential to think of some of the ways to have your visitors entertained. Nowadays, there many ways to have fun and entertain those in attendance, and one of them is perhaps playing card games.

Card game play in progress

Card games have been played from time immemorial, but there are still imperative in the present generation. They make the best choice for adult parties as well as family game night. In fact, some of the best card games currently available in the market are incredibly fun to play and make everyone present laugh uncontrollably as they test their skills and reasoning capacities. So, if you want to buy such games, which one should you consider in 2017? Well, there are tens and hundreds of card games, but below are the finest top three:

1. Cards Against Humanity

The above is one of the best cards games in the industry suitable adult party experience. The number of players that can play the game ranges from 4 up to 30 and an average playing time is 30 minutes. Since it is an adult game, people aging 17 and above can play it.

Card against humanity card game

The rules of the game are pretty simple and straightforward. Each player is required to choose a black question card, often referred to as Card Czar. After picking at least ten cards, each player is given a turn to submit two cards in a sequence that answers the asked question. The winner is the player with the highest possible points.

2. Monopoly Deal Card Game

Monopoly Deal Card Game is the best 2017 choice for kids aging eight and above. It is fast-paced as well as an addictive card game where player’s luck can change in the play of a card. It is played by between two to five players, but the best experience is derived when played by four players. The average playing time is 15 minutes.

Monopoly deal card game1

The rules of this card game require players to collect three complete property sets of different colors. While doing so, they should be aware of forced deals, debt collectors, and dreaded deal breakers, who are just there to alter their fortunes any time. At the start of the game, players are supposed to pick two cards from the draw pile. Alternatively, if you begin a turn with no cards, then you need to draw five of them. The winner is the first player getting three complete property sets, of course, of different colors.


3. 5 Second Rule-Just spit it out

As the name suggest, the objective of the game is to give an answer to a posed question in less than five seconds. It is an exciting card game for three to six players aging ten and above. The average playing time is 30 minutes.

5 Second Rule-Just Spit It

The rules of the game pretty simple and fun, it requires players to pick cards and answer the questions written on them. For instance, one card may ask a player to name three breeds of dogs. As we all know, most people can answer this question without any challenge, but answering under limited time frame adds a whole new dimension. Indeed, the game requires players to think fast and come up with the right answers within the stipulated time. Therefore, the above card game plays a role in sharpening thinking capacity of people.

In a Nutshell….

As earlier mentioned, there are tons of incredible card games currently available in the market. However, the above mentioned are so far the best in 2017, but people can as well check on the following games: Exploding Kittens, Blurble Volume One, Uno Card Game, Never Have I Ever, Sushi Go!, Spot It, and Deluxe Card Game. Overall, all the above games are guaranteed to give fun to family and partying members.


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