Top Card Games for Two Players

Outline to two-player best card games

If there are two people sited on a round table, a deck of cards can be incredible. Indeed, these items help kill boredom as well as bring joy and fun among the participants. If you are looking for one, then be informed that there are dozens of fun card games out there in the market. Due to this alone, it can be a challenging task to select the best card game for two players, but we have made it simpler by enlisting three of the best card games for two participants in 2017. It includes the following:

1. Cribbage

Cribbage is one of the best card games played with a deck of standard playing cards as well as a signature piece of equipment often called the Cribbage Board. Despite the fact that this game can be played by two, three, and four players aging ten and above, it is played typically as a two-player card game. The average playing time is ten minutes.

Two piles of card

The rules for this game are intelligent because, at the start, each player is given six cards, but they have to discard two into a special pile often referred to as the Crib. Players play in turns, and they score points for making sequences or sets or even hitting certain totals. To earn more score, players need to move pegs around special tracks on the Cribbage board. The winner is the player who gets 121 points or more first.

2. Santase or 66

Santase, commonly known as 66 or perhaps Schnapsen, is a Bulgarian card game designed for only two players. The recommended age of participants of this game is eight and above and the average playing time is twenty minutes. 66 is the perfect card game for passing the time, relaxing, and killing boredom on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

A sample of playing cards in 66

The rules of Schnapsen involve a few strategy tactics as well as proper use of memory. The game uses 24 cards consisting of A, 10, Q, J, and K from the standard deck. During each round, players need to accumulate 66 trick points by picking five cards from the deck. If you did not manage, then wait to come and trying picking another set. The trick of the game is to ‘marry’ Queens and Kings of the same suit. The winner is the player who scores 66 points first.

3. Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is another popular two-player card game. It has the element of ‘draw and discard’ while using the standard deck playing card principles. The recommended playing age for this game is eight and above, and the average playing time is 30 minutes.

Discarding cards to empty hands

Players playing the above game follow the basic Rummy rules, which involve forming ‘melds’ of three or even more cards of a similar suit, or three/four cards of the same rank. During each turn, players are given a chance to draw a single card from the top of the so-called discard pile or from the top of the draw deck. After that, you are supposed to discard a card from your hand. Drawing and dropping cards attract some points, and the first player to hit 100 points is the winner.

Overall, it may be said;

The list of the best two-player card games is just endless, but those mentioned above are just but a few. Therefore, if you’re seriously looking for something to have fun, in particular between the two of you, then it is highly advised that you try your shot on the aforementioned.


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