Greatest Games For Five Or More

A preview into the games

Card games are hilarious entertainment masterpieces. They are vital when it comes to families or gatherings entertainment. Depending on the number of people around the table, there are card games designed to be played by two, three, or four players.

four players playing a card game

Indeed, if you have a bigger gathering, perhaps a group of more than five people, it is preferable that you look for a game that meets the threshold. As such, in the market, there are tons of cards games for five or more players. If you’re looking for the best in 2017, then we recommend trying your shot on any of the following three explained below. Have a look!

1. Sheepshead

If you have been playing card games for quite some time, it is more probable that you have heard of Sheepshead. It is one of the best card game related to the Skat family of games. It is best played by five players aging twelve and above. The average playing time is 30 minutes.

This game is played with the use of standard deck cards from seven to Ace in four suits, totaling to 32 cards. In other words, all the Jokers, twos, threes, fours, fives, and sixes from the standard deck have been removed. The game involves trick-taking cards and collecting points where players are supposed to pick cards from the deck. In total, there are 120 points in the deck, and the winner is the first player to get half of these.

A sample of cards used in Sheepshead

2. Fan Tan

If you’re out there looking for one of the simplest card games in 2017 for a group of more than five people, then you need to consider trying the Fan Tan. The recommended age for this game is ten and above and the average playing time is twenty-five minutes. As earlier mentioned, the rules of this game are very simple. It is all about players trying to the first the empty their hands of cards. The game starts with the four sevens; then six, eight, and so on until the A and K.

emptying ones hands

3. Oh Hell!

Do not get worried about the name of this card game, but get it right that it is one of the best card games for five and more players. However, the best experience is derived when played by six players. The recommended age to participate in this game is 10 and above and the average playing time is 30 minutes. The above is a trick-taking regular deck playing card game.

Rules for Oh Hell! are simple. It requires that each player bids as much tricks as possible from his/her hand. If a player is lucky to bid accurately, then points are awarded. On the other hand, missing the bid means a deduction of points. The player bidding the highest number of tricks possible is the winner.

A player displaying higher bid

In Summary;

The list of the best card games for five or more players is just endless. However, the above-mentioned are just but a few. For those who need more selection, you can consider trying Crazy Solo and Tractor as well as Six-Handed Canasta, and Poker. Overall, all these choices are ideal if you have a large group and want to have fun playing together.


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