Finest Card Games For Three Players

Three-player card games in a minute!

Card games are designed to be played by specific numbers of participants. There are those that are good for two people, and others are good for four or more people. However, there are few games meant to be played by three players, but the experience derived from them is hilarious. Today, we’re considering some of the best games under this category, and here below are the most recommended:

1. Ninety-Nine

Ninety-Nine is one of the best card games for three players aging eight and above. The average playing time is 60 minutes, but sometimes, it can be more. Card gaming experts describe this game is a trick-taking card game in which players have to sacrifice their cards to bid the number of tricks they will take. Just like many other card games, the above game employs a standard deck of cards plus a joker.

Laying aside at least three cards of the same trick

The rules of Ninety-Nine are pretty simple and straightforward. It is required that each player lay aside at least three cards from their hand. This is to determine how many tricks a player will have to take. If a play makes an exact bid, he/she gets one point per trick plus a bonus. The winner is the participant with the highest number of bonus points.

2. Big Three

As the name suggest, Big Three is perhaps one of the incredible card games primarily for three players aging ten and above. The average playing time for this game is ten minutes. It uses a standard 52-card deck with the 3 being the high card.

a standard 52-card deck

The rules of Big Three game are a little bit unfamiliar. Each phase starts with dealing the cards and an auction if there are still some remaining cards. The player who wins the auction round picks up the cards and proceeds to play against the other two opponents, who are in partnership but on a temporary basis. The objective of each phase is to shed your cards. The player with the highest bidder wins is the winner.

3. Skat

Skat is a native game for Germany, but nowadays, it is played across the world. It is one of the best three-player card games for people aging ten and above. The average playing time is often 30 minutes. Although it uses a standard card deck, two to six cards are removed. The German Skat Association, as well as the International Skat Players Association, approves the rules of this game. Skat card game is all about bidding. At the start, players have to bid to decide the solo player who is going to decide the type of game that will be played in the second phase.

One of the player bids to decide who is to start the game

The deciding player can choose between three game modes; Grand, Null, or Suit. As soon as the solo player makes his/her choice, he/she wins score points equal to the announced type of game. The game involves taking tricks, and points are awarded if the other players do no trick.

Three-player Card Games in Summary

Since you’re aware of some of the best card games for three, it is now time to play and have fun. As earlier mentioned, games under this category derive more pleasure than any other games from other categories.


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