Adult’s Outstanding Card Games 2017

A preview to adult’s card games

Are you having evening party with friends? Or you are planning a get-together meeting? All these and many meetings that are more adult need something to spice people up. Apparently, many people organizing such meetings will think of buying liquor. While this adds fun, the downside of it is that some people do not drink alcohol, and thus may not have the best experience. Therefore, you need to look for something that suits everyone invited. Have you thought of playing card games?

Players playing their favorite card game after work

Yes. Since childhood, it is more probable that you have played a card game at one point or another. Indeed, card games can be hilarious and awesome games. It allows people to loosen up, laugh with each other, talk to each other, and disintegrate the barriers that make them feel uncomfortable or awkward. Ultimately, if you need hours of bonding, laughter, and fun, you better get the best adult card games. Since there are tens and hundreds of such games in the market, which could be a challenging choosing the best, we have made work simpler by enlisting the top three best card games for adults. Have a look!

1. What’s Yours Like?

‘What’s Your Like?’ is one of the best adult party games from Patch Products. It is best played by between 4 to 20 players, which mean it is a game designed for party events. The average playing time is 45 minutes.

Whats your like Card game.

In this game, the rules are quite simple; players are required to share their sidesplitting laughs while coming up with witty, clever, and outrageous clues. The descriptions ought to be the truth, but intelligent said so that the player in the hot seat does not get an easy word to guess. The winner is the player who guesses his/her word with the least number of clues.

2. Bad Campaign

Bad Campaign is one of the card games that puts you and your friends right into the shoes of a candidate running for political office. This game is best played by between two and seven players and the average playing time is 30 minutes.

Bad Campaign card game

The game rules of the Bad Campaign card game are hilarious. One player takes the role of a candidate running for a semi-baked camping for the presidency against other players. Players take turns reading question card that contains political promises, awkward statements, and campaign slogans. The candidate is required to submit answers to some of the crazy questions to fill in the blanks. The player (candidate) who gets the highest number of votes at the end of the game is the winner.

3. Drunk Stoned or Stupid

Drunk Stoned or Stupid is one of the best card games suitable for adult party events. The above is a game best played by four players. The average playing time is 30 minutes.

Drunk or stupid card game

The rules of this game are quite impressive. During each round, a card has to be drawn from the card deck, and members of the group decide among themselves who should be tagged with the card. But before that, one player should declare him/herself to be the judge and proceeds to read a card loud. Each group member then chooses who should be tagged and gives reasons for the choice. Here, accusations are based on past stories, personal traits, or anything else. The judge looks into all the charges and makes an ultimate ruling on who should be tagged with the card. It is important to note that in this game, there are no winners, but all are losers!

In Summary…

You cannot imagine how enjoyable and fun a party would be with such games. With the above card games on the shelf, you will have a party like no other. Nonetheless, if you need more card options, you can check on Catan, Draw What?, Superfight, Nasty Things, and Smart Ass. All these make a perfect collection as of card games suitable for evening adult parties.


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