4 Classic Kid’s Card Games 2017

Kid’s card games at a glance

Sometimes in these days of electronic robots, video consoles, computers, and other expensive toys, parents tend to forget that some simple card games that can provide hours of fun to their kids. Indeed, these cards are highly portable, cheap, and endlessly adaptable. The good news is that there are tens and hundreds of incredible card games for kids out there in the market. Due to this, sometimes, parents will encounter some challenges looking for the best cards. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of four of the best card games for children, and it includes the following:

#1. Roll and Play

Roll and Play is one of the best game ever designed specifically for preschoolers and toddlers. It helps them shine, supports health development, and celebrate success. It is a card game best played by two players aging one and above. The average playing time takes five minutes, perhaps because toddlers need something that ends faster while keeping them engaged.

Roll and Play card game for toddlers

The rules of Roll and Play are incredibly simple; a player is required to toss a cube and identify the color of the side facing up. Then, pick a matching color card and carry out the simple activity shown on it.

#2. Beggar My Neighbor

Beggar My Neighbor is considered as one of the favorite kid’s card games for all time. It is an exciting game best played by two to six players with no time limit.

Face down deck of cards

The rules of this card game require each player to begin his/her turn with a face-down deck of cards. During each single turn, players place the top-most card in the middle of the top. The next player is required to put down a given number of cards equal to the number shown on the previous card. If a player has no more cards, then he/she is out of the game, and the last player left with many cards in the match is deemed to have won the game.

#3. Go Fish

Go Fish is one of the classic card games of childhood. It has the element of skills and chances it is best played by between two and six players aging four and above. The average playing time is twenty minutes.

Four cards of same face value forming a book

The objective of the game is to have players complete books consisting of 4 of the same number of cards. The rules of Go Fish card game require participants to have six cards, and during each turn, a player will ask the others if they have card(s) matching the one in their hand. If they do not, they say ‘Go Fish’ and the asking player then pick a card from the card deck. The one who completes the book successfully wins the match.

#4. Rat-a-tat-Cat

Rat-a-tat-cat is one of the exciting card games for children aging six and above. The objective of the above game is to get the lowest score possible from the card you had picked. The average playing time is ten minutes.

Picking a card with the lowest value

The rules of the above game are pretty simple and straightforward; at the start, each player is required to pick four cards from the deck. During every turn, each player is supposed to add up the value of their cards, and when you think you have the lowest possible score, you shout ‘Rat-a-tat-cat,’ where everyone reveals their cards and tally their scores.

To Sum Up…

The above are the best four cards games, but if you need some more, then you can consider Five Crowns, Swish, Word-A-Round, and Uno. Others include Sleeping Queens, Hisss, War, Old Maid, My Ship Sails, and Memory as the best alternatives. Now that you’ve known some of the best card games for children, it is now time to make them have fun and sharpen their memory skills.


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